Communication is key

Within Diverse Academies, we believe that a successful partnership between the academy and home is one of the keys to success. We are committed to ensuring that everyone is focused on achieving the very best outcomes for our children and see our ‘parents as partners’ initiative as central to this commitment.

Thoresby Vale Primary Academy will be no different in its aspiration to forge excellent links with our families. We understand the importance of the promise we make to you, when you entrust us with the care and education of those most precious to you – your children.

Starting a new school, whether it is a change of school or starting school for the very first time, can be a worrying time for children and their families. Our comprehensive transition programme will consist of a number of activities, so that the first day does not feel so overwhelming when it arrives. There will be plenty of opportunities to meet with staff and find out what your children will learn, as well as opportunities to join in the learning alongside your child.

Excellent communication is the basis of any good relationship. Thoresby Vale Primary Academy will have an ‘open door’ policy for families, so that you feel comfortable in approaching us to share your questions, concerns and compliments.

What our parents and carers can expect from us

  • Meet the teacher sessions – a chance to meet our staff before children move class or school.
  • Weekly newsletter – keeping you up to date with everything that is going on within the academy and timely reminders about upcoming dates to be aware of.
  • Regular parent consultation evenings – to share your children’s successes.
  • ‘T with the P’ – regular informal chances to meet with the principal, have a cuppa and share queries, feedback and positive experiences.
  • ‘Share the learning’ – times when you can come into the academy and join in.
  • Formal written reports about your child’s successes and areas for development,
  • Curriculum newsletters – letting you know what your child is learning at the academy and suggesting ways you can help.
  • ‘I didn’t do it like that’ sessions – we realise that some things have changed since we were at school. These sessions help grown-ups to understand how children are taught and how they can help at home.

Communication will mostly be online (through our parental communications platform, emails, texts and website) as we have found that this helps ensure messages are delivered and families do not have to have too many things stuck to their fridge door. Our academy will also be cashless for your convenience.

Our academy staff welcome hearing from you at any time, view our contact us page for more ways to get in touch.

Friends of Thor

We intend to create a ‘Friends of Thor’ group where families can meet together to help build the new Thoresby Vale Primary Academy community and will be looking for support for this from the families that join us. There will be more information about Friends of Thor and other community projects closer to the time of opening.

If you would be interested in joining this group please contact us

Our family promise

  • We will be an academy that prides itself on parental communication and believe this needs to be two-way to ensure success.
  • We will be a welcoming and friendly academy for families and visitors.
  • We will establish a mutually supportive and respectful relationship with all of our families, where trust and clear communication is at the heart of all we do.
  • We will keep parents informed and involved in a positive and honest way, through working in partnership together in order to help every child achieve their full potential socially, emotionally and academically.
  • We will ensure that families know what their children are learning and how they can help.
  • We will respond swiftly and efficiently to the needs of families and visitors.
  • We will not accept discrimination or intolerance of any kind.
  • We will provide timely and relevant information for families through the use of our parental communications platform, text messaging service, website, and the email distribution of letters and newsletters.